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Web Services Technology
'The future of software'

Web Services constitute the most evolving and innovative technology of the future, worldwide. Their definition and standardization is the result of a joint, ongoing effort by huge IT enterprises such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and IBM. Web Services are based on ubiquitous industry standards and potentially offer the best way to smoothly integrate applications inside a business network, such as accounting and CRM systems, as well as outside your business, such as integrating your financial applications with your suppliers' applications.

Based on XML and a variety of other technologies, they provide an easier way to do distributed computing by facilitating interconnected systems to exchange information and transact with each other. Forward e-business making the best use of its applied experience in Java and XML applications dynamically enters the area of Web Services technology, offering flexible, custom-made yet qualitative and cost-effective solutions that will lead you to broader integration of your business infrastructure.