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Learning Forward

Learning Forward platform is a complete knowledge management and presentation system. It is an innovative product developed with core technologies suitable for companies or educational organizations that want to present, channel and administer their educational technology in an easy to learn, fast and well structured way.

Learning Forward is a fully database driven, web enabled product that can run on the Internet, as a distance learning solution, on the Intranet, as an internal/in-site training course, as well as on a standalone computer, replacing traditional knowledge presentation solutions in a most revolutionary manner.

  • Learning Forward is a product integrated with Ilius platform and therefore inherits all it's technological features. For a list of Ilius technological features, please refer here.
  • Follows w3 consortium standards for full optimization
General Features
  • Dynamic course content modification (authorized users can modify course contents by adding new text or multimedia material)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allowing the user to insert documents with no prior HTML knowledge
  • Capability to relate documents
  • Search capability through the lessons
  • Forums and Chat
  • Announcement board
  • Printer friendly version for all documents
  • Multimedia rich content (sound, video, etc)
  • Pop-up windows
On-line learning
  • Revision
  • User progress reports