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Ilius Platform

Ilius platform is a product with innumerable features that offers you all the capabilities required to integrate your company to a fully functional, contemporary e-business. It is designed to offer attractive, innovative and creative breakthrough business solutions in a quick and affordable manner, customized to the customer's needs.

Ilius solutions are fully web based and can run both on the Internet, allowing you to access data from any remote connection, as well as on the company's Intranet.

Technologies used
  • Sun's Java J2EE platform (utilizing Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, etc)
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • Ilius platform implements the multi tier architecture, which results to a thin client approach. Ilius based applications can therefore run from a powerful centralized server, controlling workstations that require no prior installation or plug-in.
  • Implementing innovative techniques, client and server communication is reduced to the minimum required and, therefore, network and server resources are freed.
Ilius solutions are independent of any:
  • Database management system
  • Operating system
  • Web application server
  • Ilius resource independency assures that existing systems and resources can be fully utilized alleviating the customer from the burden of new technological investments and reducing implementation costs.
  • Implements SSL security
  • Digital Certificates
  • Security levels, limiting authorized user access to specific resources or actions
General Features
  • Multilinguality
  • Advanced reporting using dynamic XML
  • Compatibility and interoperability with various open source projects such as servers, databases, etc.