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For-shop is the ideal product to create a complete
e-commerce shop
that will give your company the opportunity to enter dynamically the world's most growing market: the Internet. It is a fully database driven product that allows you to present innumerable amounts of data.

Combined with For-CMS, it gives you the capability to easily and promptly modify your data, so that products and documents presented are always kept up to date.

  • For-shop is a product integrated with Ilius platform and therefore inherits all it's technological features. For a list of Ilius technological features, please refer here.
  • Follows w3 consortium standards for full optimization

Content Features

  • Products & Services
    • Unlimited products and services
    • Short and extended product descriptions
    • Detailed analysis of product manufacturer
    • Stock level and availability
    • Capability to declare a product in multiple categories
    • Capability to relate products with each other (similar items)
    • Secondary categories for enhanced ordering and grouping of products (group by color, usage, etc)
    • Multiple discounts and offers
    • Hot Selling Items (top 10 sales and top 10 visited products)
    • Cross Selling and Up Selling (dynamic suggestion of products that other users browsed or bought)
    • Selectable product positions (product repositioning for promotion into higher browsing positions)

  • Informative Documents
    • Various types of text documents like FAQ, news and terminology texts that will increase your site's traffic
    • Online brochure ware
    • Free-text search capability
Advanced Features
  • Dynamic cart capability (cart in, cart out)
  • Dynamic menus
  • Multilingual presentation
  • Product and customer database
  • Separate presentation & Content template
  • Capability to modify page layout and structure
  • Capability to add multimedia support
  • Forums
  • Printer friendly versions for all products, manufacturers and documents
  • User defined and dynamically created keywords
  • 24 hours/365 days availability guaranteed
Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)
  • Log in, log out and registration procedures
  • Database-driven profiling and data mining
  • User behavior tracking to facilitate decision making
  • Contact forms to maintain customer base and exploit future collaborations
  • Extended visitor reports
Ordering System & Transactions
  • Order and shipment tracking
  • Online and offline payments
  • Secure online transactions
  • Multiple views of products stored (i.e. Full product list, List by category, manufacturer, etc)
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Guaranteed availability for all browsers and all security settings