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For-CMS is a web based content management suite designed to offer solutions for a wide area of applications that require data maintenance from distributed locations.

It can be used in conjunction with our fully customizable solutions like ERP, workflow logistics or warehouse systems for content and traffic management, while it can be as well combined with other Forward`s products like For-shop or Learning Forward, offering you the most comfortable way to manage your site or educational course.

  • For-CMS is a product integrated with Ilius platform and, therefore, inherits all it's technological features. For a list of Ilius technological features, please refer here.
  • By implementing innovative techniques web browser's 'refresh' is kept to a minimum
Data Facilitator
  • Browse capability for codes and data
  • On screen validation against data stored in the database, with no screen refresh
  • Error free user input through automatic on screen validation of data structure, type, length, etc
  • Auto completion for key elements stored in the database
  • On the fly text help
Tool Enhancer
  • Advanced reports and statistics
  • WYSIWYG editor allowing the user to insert rich HTML format documents without HTML knowledge
  • Text and image file upload capability
  • Calculator and calendar tools that can be invoked while typing data
Security Authorizer
  • Security levels that restrict access to specific resources or actions
  • Secure login
User Interface
  • Multilingual
  • Friendly error messages
  • Selectable appearance themes and skins
  • Personalization