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e-marketing strategy

Our professional staff works closely with you in order to formulate an integrated e-marketing strategy aimed at effectively promoting your web presence and actively marketing your products and services. Through our proposed e-marketing campaign you can achieve higher customer traffic, extend your reach in the e-market and expand your synergy potentials, achieve lifetime loyal customers, thus maximizing the benefits of the web and the new technologies and augmenting your market share.

Our intended marketing campaign consists of a blend of proposed tactical tools as well as a mix of assessment techniques to evaluate the applied tactics and eventually lead to possible revision and further enhancement of your promotional policies.

Proposed marketing tactics include:
  • Search engine registration and optimization
  • Registration in various directories in the web
  • Identification and application of basic keywords that will increase customer traffic and improve positioning in all the main search engines
  • Registration on affiliate sites and other relevant sites and portals
  • Banner Advertising
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • E-mail, Newsletters, Direct campaigns, forums etc.
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online and Offline brochure ware
  • Sales confirmation e-mails
  • Customer Account Management

Assessment techniques, reports and statistics:

  • Track site traffic report
  • List of sites and advertisements originating sales
  • Click-Trough-Rate to evaluate placed ads effectiveness
  • Prompt order delivery reports
  • Sales reports
  • Repeat Customer reports
  • Customer suggestions and feedback
  • Customer preferences
  • Customer statistics based on various demographical/ environmental and social criteria