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Forward e-business offers specialized solutions in the area of e-learning, giving you the opportunity to effectively utilize the benefits of new technologies. We specialize in the following areas of e-learning:

  • Educational software

    We offer innovative solutions in the area of educational software incorporating modern e-learning techniques into existing educational programs. Our solutions are suitable for presenting information with multimedia support and encompass techniques and methodologies that abide with the most evolutionary technologies. Complementary educational pages can be built to enrich your web site or presence. Intended for a broader audience, they function as an extended gateway to your products and services and can be reached from in-site organizational personnel as well as out-site enquiring visitors.
  • Distance learning

    Distance learning is the new approach to education, allowing for unbound distant access to worldwide open universities and educational centers. Our innovative e-learn platform can implement interactive, user-friendly web-seminars (webinars) or even well structured, comprehensive and integral educational programs. Distance learning best suites businesses that wish to create virtual classrooms to support in-site training as well as educational organizations seeking to exploit the unlimited potential of the Internet in the educational sector.