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Your basic web presence can be easily upgraded to a fully functional and flexible e-commerce shop, customizable to your company's goals and targeted in serving your customers the best. Adding a dynamic shopping cart, an online ordering system together with a flexible payment system and an enhanced communication practice with your customers, partners and suppliers will bring you a step towards e-commerce integration.

Fe-shop is based on our proprietary platform Ilius e-shop and established open source technologies and can be easily integrated with leading third party software or your legacy systems.

Fe-shop can be integrated with the e-CMS module, which gives you full power in managing your site, in-site. E-CMS offers unlimited possibilities in manipulating not only real-time critical data but also the design and aesthetics of your site, letting you add your personal touch.

Combined with our carefully planned e-commerce strategy campaign Fe-shop will become a successful tool for the promotion of your products and services, helping you to benefit the most from the power and strengths of the virtual marketplace and gain competitive advantage.

E-shop basic features include:
  • Unlimited number of products and services
  • Multiple departments
  • Multiple groups and categories
  • Multilingual support
  • Simple and extended search
  • Cross selling and up selling
  • Stock availability
  • Online ordering and payments
  • Dynamic shopping cart (cart-in, cart-out)
  • Secure transactions
  • Customer and Product Database
  • Communication with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Traffic Statistics and Statistical reports