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The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies.  (IBM's definition)

E-businesses form 'business webs' or 'value networks' which are all glued together by the Internet. These new value networks consist of partners who offer themselves in the areas of production, distribution and services and revolutionize the traditional value chains.

Fig. 1 The extended Enterprise

E-business is an extended enterprise which integrates the buy-side (B2B) with the in-side (B2E) and the sell-side (B2C) processes. Working closely on an interdependent environment and driven by strong customer-centric perspectives, integrated e-business processes improve operational efficiency, enhance Knowledge management, nurture lifetime loyalty with customers and strategic partners and lead to competitive advantage.

Our E-business-engine platform addresses all key issues of e-business processes and becomes the foundation upon which our tailor made applications are built to satisfy your business requirements.

B2B Business-to-business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Partner Relations Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
B2E Business-to-employee
  • Knowledge Management Tools
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Decision Support Applications
  • Human Resources
B2C Business-to-consumer
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Selling Chain Management