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About us

Forward e-business provides innovative and breakthrough solutions for global companies. Our mission is to offer a broad range of services based in state of the art technologies, to help our clients succeed in the new electronic world.

We develop integrated e-Business solutions that allow our customers to leverage emerging technologies and streamline existing business processes. Our solutions are tailored to satisfy your business requirements and position you effectively in the competitive e-market of the new economy.

Our products target various vertical markets ranging from Manufacturing and Industry to Art and Entertainment or even online Service providers and Educational organizations. Built for flexibility and scalability and adhering to open standards for interoperability, our dynamic applications can efficiently function with each other, as well as with leading third party software letting you integrate your e-business gradually and effectively.

By combining innovative application expertise with technology consulting and e-marketing strategy planning we help our clients add extra value to their business and extend their brand online, thus generating a greater market share.

Forward e-business specializes in the following areas: