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Educational software proposal

Forward e-business participated in the competition of Pedagogic Institute for the development of educational software with AP 4101 that took place in 25/08/2003. Our company participated in the course of Religion for the classes C and D of the Primary school and delivered demo software for the module «Noah's ark».

The proposal of Forward e-business is based on the platform Learning Forward and constitutes a complete dynamic web-based application built in Java. The proposal includes two websites, a) the demonstration website , which presents the multimedia content , and b) the content management website, which gives authorised users the possibility to modify the content . For the development of the software Forward followed the latest theories for the creation of web-based educational software and for e - learning. Basic characteristics of application are:

Presentation of content:
  • Audiovisual material
  • Internet links
  • Repetitive exercises
  • Interactivity
  • Easy navigation
Content Management
  • Modification of content from authorised users, addition/change of texts, exercises, pictures, and even entire modules
  • Storage of all content in database