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Technical consultation on the automation of the operations of the Call/Contact Center of TKE 18192

TKE is a Greek Marketing and Management company providing a wide range of technical services and support since 1992. TKE currently interacts with its customers via the phone number 18192. TKE runs a network of cooperating technicians specialized in all major areas of Home Improvement and Repairs. Recently, TKE has decided to expand its area of activity introducing new services for people, the distribution of selected products and by offering special errands to its members.

The expected increase on demand was calling for a major upgrade of its information systems infrastructure. Forward e-business provided technical consultation on the acquisition of an integrated system for the automation of the operations of the Call/Contact Center.

Forward e-business proposed a state of the art Call/Contact Center application with the capability of placing campaign specific outbound calls, enabling intelligent routing for inbound calls and performing voice recording.

Forward also indicated the need for an IVR system enabling customer self-service thru voice menus, an intelligent routing tool that ensures customers will receive the right level of service from the most appropriate agent, plus a state of the art supervision and management tool.

Expected benefits emanating from the new system:

1) Increased customer satisfaction & retention
2) Improved quality of overall services rendered
3) Improved relations with partners & equal distribution of     work
4) Enhanced customer relations management
5) Reinforced decision making