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The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies.
(IBM's definition)

E-businesses form business webs or value networks which are all glued together by the Internet. These new value networks consist of partners who offer themselves in the areas of production, distribution and services and revolutionize the traditional value chains.

e-integration pyramid

Forward e-business provides innovative and breakthrough solutions for global companies. Our mission is to offer state of the art technologies to help our clients succeed in the new electronic world, add extra value to their business and generate a greater market share.

Our vision for transforming key business processes in order to achieve a modern e-business can be summarized in the above figure, which describes the e-integration pyramid and the steps needed to utilize modern technologies.

Forward e-business services cover a wide area of today's business needs like software development, e-commerce, educational software, content management systems, hosting, proposal and implementation of e-commerce strategies, personnel training in various technologies and software tools and consulting.